how to choose a gaming headset

How To Choose A Gaming Headset

How to choose a gaming headset. We cover everything you need to know to choose out the best gaming headset, from Bluetooth compatibility and sound quality to aesthetics, price, and microphone performance. It doesn’t matter whether you spend your weekends playing action role-playing games or first-person shooters; both types benefit from high-quality audio. If you want the best possible audio experience when gaming, you’ll need a headset even if your PC has high-end speakers.

No matter what time of day you want to go on your adventure—early in the morning, after work, or late at night—we have the guidance you need to equip yourself with the best headset possible. And if you want to know which ones we recommend, check our about. cover everything you need to know to for video games.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Headsets

Choosing a wireless headset is one of the most important decisions. Wireless costs more, but both have perks and downsides. We’ll explain to them so you can choose the best one.

Wireless connections remove feedback, static, and crackle from 3.5mm connections. They eliminate cords, which are distracting. They disorganize your space. They’re either too long or too short. Wires restrict. If you’re an audio geek, you can hear microphonics when they brush against you while you play.

But most wireless headsets compromise audio quality. Wired headsets provide a fuller sound, while good wireless ones cost more. As mentioned before, cord-cutting costs money. Wired and wireless prices vary, but the gap is narrowing.

Wireless audio is less dependable in-game for several reasons, including headset failure. If you play too long or neglect to charge between sessions, your Bluetooth headset might expire at a crucial point, leaving you floundering in silence until your character follows suit (we hope you weren’t playing Dark Souls).

As shown, there is no optimum choice. Preference and purpose decide it. Wireless headsets aren’t good for pro gamers. You need the wired model and endless power. Wireless may be handier for nightly casuals and weekend warriors. We may never use another wired gaming headset. We switched to wifi without looking back. We’ll trade pricey wired-only solutions like the HyperX Cloud Orbit S (full review here) for ease.

Bluetooth or No Bluetooth

Wasn’t this discussed? Sort of. If you choose wired, proceed to the next step; this one is for wireless users.

A “wireless” headset may not have Bluetooth. The Sennheiser GSP 370 is a Bluetooth-free wireless gaming headset. They connect to your PC through a dongle but not to your phone or other devices lacking USB connections. For those who want maximum freedom, this is a major negative. We enjoy being able to link our SteelSeries Arctis Pros to our phones for mobile gaming. Is it crucial for gaming? Not much. If you’re only using a headset to play at your work, don’t worry. It’s worth remembering. Choose Bluetooth if you prefer two headsets equally. Though optional, it will increase adaptability.

Physical Connections

Even if you go wireless, your headset’s physical connections matter. Best headsets provide several connection choices.- covers most. We seldom agree that more is better, but it’s crucial to know what works best for your PC. If you’re a laptop gamer, you may assume wireless is best, but your headset’s dongle may still need a USB port. Using a 3.5mm connection saves USB ports. Nintendo Switch gameplay requires this 3.5mm connector. Optical and USB provide the highest sound quality, and even the best 3.5mm connection may feedback.

Sound Quality

Know how much even a cheap headset may enhance your PC’s default audio. Feel and hear sound. Based on budget and must-haves, narrow down your choices, then test your top options to see which you like most. Even if it lacks non-essential features, choose the headset with the best sound. Sound quality creates value. As seen by this year’s top headsets, greater sound generally costs more. However, there are several affordable ways to enhance your experience.

Good gaming headsets cost what?

Amazingly, $50 gets you superb gaming audio. Our favorite cheap headset, the Corsair HS50, is that price. For a few shekels, these HS50s may transform your gaming experience and meet the most basic necessities. Audiophiles will want to upgrade from inexpensive headphones. Fortunately, a good headset costs $80–300. Features, not sound, distinguish most models in this class.

Amazon is simpler and better for gaming gear than Walmart or BestBuy. Read the reviews and pay attention to those from individuals with similar demands. The parent who bought his son a no-name headset and gave it five stars, because he couldn’t hear him play Fortnite, isn’t credible data. Amazon provides fantastic return policies for individuals who heeded our testing advice.

Looks and Design

Audio’s most overemphasized feature is gaming headset design. Many firms have spent time and energy producing the best gamer headphones. We did all that to tell you it doesn’t matter. On r/RateMySetup, the headset’s appearance matters. If that’s why you’re purchasing a headset, you’re reading the incorrect article. We frequently avoid stronger styles for many reasons. We’ll mention these simple reasons.

  • Wearing the headset hides it.
  • If it’s visible, don’t wear it.
  • Bold designs often mask poor acoustics.

Any aspect of your headset that distracts you while gaming is bad design. How about streamers? Good question. Your headset LEDs won’t get you a Twitch buddy. There are some daring headsets with fantastic audio, so we won’t judge. The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum delivers flair and sound.


Mic quality is less crucial than comfort. If you’re buying a high-end headset, examine its mic first. However, every actual gaming headset from a respected provider has acceptable audio, which is good enough for 99% of gamers. We suggest a better microphone if you care about your friends and want to improve the group experience. An inexpensive SteelSeries or HyperX will do. If you’re trash-talking Reinhart after he single-charges your opponent’s squad, even a cheap mic will convey your wrath.


Software is your last gaming headset purchase decision. It’s last because it’s unimportant. Most gamers are satisfied with their headset’s default audio and don’t use the program. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S has a hardware EQ toggle, making it easier than software. We support tweakers. Audio quality improves with headset quality. The software in high-end headphones like the AUDEZE Mobius adds value. Thus, not utilizing the headset wastes a lot of money. Most large manufacturers feature bass-level software, but not all. If it matters, check it before you check out your headset.


The comfort of a gamer’s headset is likely more essential to them than its audio quality. Let the audiophiles calm down, then we’ll continue defending that bold assertion. Most people only play video games for long periods of time, so it’s important to have a seat that’s both supportive and comfy. Instead of having our ears ache and sweat, we’d rather have muddy lows. The most useful piece of advice we can provide is to prioritize convenience more than you may at first. To determine whether a headset is comfortable, you should wear it for a while, turn your head, and lower or raise the microphone.

If you can, spend a lot of time trying this out in the shop so the headset can become used to your head. The primary difference between a cheap headset and one of our budget recommendations is comfort, and this is very individual. Even though we insist you take our word for it and that you should follow our guidance, you should try before you purchase. When you’re ready to make a purchase, Amazon is a wonderful option since it’s simple to send back an item if it turns out to be less comfortable than you’d hoped.

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