Best Bass Distortion Pedals

7 Ideal Bass Distortion Pedals– Enlivening The Low End

Bass guitars are typically left behind-the-scenes. This instrument’s primary function is to fill up the void between guitars and drums, in addition to maintain rhythm and also band cohesion. Nevertheless, often it is excellent to seasoning things up. To do this, some bass players like to add some distortion to their tone. Regardless of this being counter intuitive for numerous, it can generate pretty fascinating results. Today we are going to show you a few of the Best Bass Distortion Pedals for bass guitar and talk a bit regarding just how to use this impact. With that stated, lets leap right into it.

Leading 7 Bass Distortion Pedals for Bassists

Tech 21 RIP Red Ripper

Tech 21’s RIP Red Ripper represents an extremely successful take on a specific niche area that not many like to deal with.This distortion pedal brings abundant gain to the globe of bass guitars, and the results are impressive.

Despite its colorful design, a somewhat simplistic framework and also a complex control collection, Red Ripper discloses its true face only when you determine to connect it right into your signal chain. The distortion it uses is balanced, thick but very controlled.

Many thanks to its special articulating circuit, you can dial in a variety of different dist audios. effortlessly. Generally, it is amongst the much more neutral pedals of its kind, yet one that certainly brings a really regular efficiency across the board.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Heart Food

Among its vast variety of various overdrives and also distortion pedals, Electro-Harmonix supplies the Bass Spirit Food. This model has been gaining a lot of focus in the bass guitar neighborhood due to its clear noise and also well balanced gain. The pedal includes a standard layout, making it really very easy to mount on a pedalboard, while the controls vary from your typical format. Rather than using a complete EQ, Bass Soul Food features only a Treble handle and a -10 dB pad. The truth that there is depletion readily available ways that you can connect even some of one of the most hostile energetic electronic devices to this pedal. In addition, the audio you obtain with Bass Soul Food looks like that of a classic Klon overdrive.

Method Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV

Way Huge and also their Green Rhinocerous have actually been mixing up problem on the overdrive market for a very long time. This line of pedals has reached be among the most one-of-a-kind and also best appearing impacts you can get. When it comes to bass guitars, the exact same applies.

Way Huge WHE207 Green Rhino Mini MKIV is among the current designs from the household, bringing you that timeless Eco-friendly Rhino tone with a little bit of a spin. In addition to common controls, MkIV now includes a mid and bass control.

That implies that you can adjust your reduced end and mids while shaping the signal with the tone handle. Overall, an intriguing arrangement that has actually shown to produce excellent outcomes.

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff

Electro-Harmonix Bass Big Muff is a pedal that brings the Big Muff experience to the globe of bass guitars. Compared to a few other services on the market, it is simple, well balanced and also packed with an ideal quantity of gain.

Bass Big Muff can be found in that timeless EH framework as well as features just one of the most crucial controls. With built in sustain handle, you can utilize this pedal as a sustain system as well. This makes it very easy to utilize, but not to a factor where you could really feel limited.

Those that are fans of EH timeless dist tone will definitely take pleasure in the thick sound Bass Big Muff needs to provide. On the whole, it is an outstanding bundle at a fantastic cost.

Employer ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Employer pedals aren’t constantly one of the most interesting ones you can discover, however they are normally among the best. In the world of bass guitar distortion and also overdrive, Employer OBD-3 is a beacon of uniformity and also hefty tone.

This pedal features that traditional Boss chassis, a suitable set of controls and also lots of warm. Tone shaping is done making use of the constructed in two-band EQ, while you can likewise call in the amount of drive using the equilibrium handle. Compared to some more unique designs available, Manager OBD-3 delivers an unfailing structure as well as a whole lot of variety.

Whether you are into metal or rock, you’ll find that it doesn’t get better than this, specifically in this price array.


Despite Dunlop taking over MXR, this old brand is long from being extinct. Actually, they are back on the rise. We can attritbute this pattern to effective designs and also one-of-a-kind services. Every one of this completely explains the MXR M85t dist box.

It is a portable plan that comes packed with attributes. In method, M85 provides you that unclean tone which has specified several of the very best music we have had an opportunity to delight in. Although it packs a whole lot of gain, M85 has a much more civil side.

Some like to use it as an unplanned overdrive simple because of how great it appears. On the whole, this is a stealthy version with lots to provide.

Behringer Bass Overdrive BOD 400

Behringer Bass Overdrive FIGURE 400 stands for an extremely interesting remedy. It is a proper bass dist pedal thathas a lot of variety inside.

Nevertheless, compared to other pedals of this type, this one costs a plain fraction of the typical cost. Behringer is recognized for offering guitar players accessibility to economical tools that work, which is something they have taken over to the globe of bass guitars.

FIGURE 400 packs lots of gain with a relatively respectable set of controls. It’s a vanilla dist box, implying that there are no unique functions consisted of. If you are on a really tight budget and you require something to spice up your noise, this pedal will certainly take care of you simply fine.

Are Bass Guitars Even Ideal For Distortion?

Surprisingly, the solution is of course. Bass guitars are most definitely appropriate for distortion, overdrive as well as all type of results which are typically related to electric guitars. Whether you will certainly utilize an altered signal depends upon the genre of songs you are playing and also your very own playing style. Bass guitar with a dist pedal isn’t a setup that is always unique to steel or rock. Adding this effects to a bass line seems so one-of-a-kind that lots of bass players have actually discovered a method to include that tone in pop as well as other styles.

Naturally, the playing style of an altered bass guitar varies a little bit from what we think about to be conventional. Players who utilize this result oftentimes push with the mix, in some cases even controling it. Often an altered bass guitar is enough to supplement electric guitars provide ideal conditions. At the end of the day it is all situational as well as depends on what you intend to do. If you require a practical example of what an altered bass can do, just take a look at Lemmy Kilmister’s work as well as Motorhead. There is a lot you can do, particularly if you take into consideration adding other effects to the signal chain too.

Can You Make Use Of Electric Guitar Distortion Pedals With A Bass Guitar?

This is where lots of people face trouble. While some dist pedals function surprisingly well, there is an excellent reason that you have bass certain distortion pedals. The major reason is the distinction in the frequency range of bass guitars and electrical guitars. Former are reaching far deeper into the lower end, while latter are generally higher pitched. Guitar impacts suppliers have to take these regularity varies into factor to consider when they make pedals. Some brand names are more thoughtful than others, which is why some distortion pedals work with bass guitars also.

In most cases, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff collection are pretty forgiving when it involves bass usage. Very same opts for Ibanez Tube Screamers. Only thing you ought to bear in mind is that locating the appropriate guitar pedal to collaborate with your bass can spend some time and trial and error. That is why most bass guitarist who utilize distortion, normally utilize bass particular units. Other than the noticeable fact that you are guaranteed respectable performance, these pedals tend to have attributes and also controls developed to give you more flexibility.

What Makes A Great Bass Guitar Distortion Pedal?

Normally talking, there are a couple of things a distortion pedal requires to supply in order to be thought about ample. The first one is that variety that covers the bass frequencies. Without it, you aren’t truly entrusted to much to deal with. The second essential point is a blend handle. Having this attribute is basically important if you wish to get a good tone. We are mosting likely to discuss that a bit later in far more detail. Lastly, you will certainly desire something that features some type of tone shaping capacity. Whether it is a complete three-band EQ, a two-band one or simply a tone knob, it matters not. You will swiftly discover that being able to dial in those highs, mids and also lows matters a whole lot even if you have an EQ pedal someplace in the chain.

Exactly how To Dial In A Great Bass Distortion

When you initially obtain a dist box for your bass, opportunities are that your impulse will tell you to simply connect it in as well as lat that gain handle loose. Here’s things. This strategy might work when you are fronting the band and your bass remains in emphasis. Nevertheless, if you are still carrying out the typical function of a bass player, you will have to do better than that. The primary concern with simply pumping gain into your signal is getting shed in the mix. Put it this way. You have a couple of guitars which are probably distorted.

If you are in a metal band, those guitars will certainly more than likely be pumped with gain. When you go as well as do the exact same, you will just merge in with those guitars as well as obtain lost in the mix. Ideally, you want to have raw signal from your bass on one line, while the distorted signal is running through a separate line. Regrettably, this oftentimes requires specialized equipment or 2 different amps. An even more budget plan friendly remedy is to utilize that mix knob on your pedal. You intend to find a point where both your dry and also damp signals are in balance. This way, you will retain that trademark thumping tone which will certainly aid you attract attention in the mix much better.

Refining Your Arrangement

Including a distortion to your chain is just the very first step. Once you have done that and located an excellent equilibrium of wet and completely dry tone, you need to identify which component of your regularity range you want to drive the distortion. A lot of bass gamers typically like to maintain their distortion focused around mids. If you push that gain all the way to your lower range, the resulting sound could come out as also fuzzy. On the various other hand, pushing distortion on trebles alone won’t get you far either unless you enjoy much heavier categories of steel. Because instance, scoop those mids as much as you desire.

Naturally, your ability to define where your distortion is mosting likely to be focused at, will rely on the pedal you are utilizing. This is why we highly suggest that you get something with a decent EQ built into it. In addition, including a compressor can obtain you some interesting results. Compressed bass distortion tends to be fairly unpleasant on its own. Nevertheless, placed that into a mix and you will certainly find it to be rather enhancing. At the end of the day, your design as well as preferences are mosting likely to be essential. Every bass gamer has their very own preference, which has a lot of effect on what their tone is going end up seeming like.

Active And Easy Electronics

One of the more prominent inquiries associated with distortion pedals has to do with passive and also energetic pick-ups. The major issue some gamers have is the truth that their bass can be also warm. Most of the times, as in 98% of the time, you won’t have a problem. In instance there is a trouble with the amount of result you are forcing into the signal, all you have to do is bring the levels down a little and also you ought to be good to go.

With passive pickups there should not be any kind of problems in any way. Trying out levels is essential no matter what. Not only does this process reveal you the limits of your bass guitar as well as your tools, however it is practically the only way to find out how to dial in a correct tone. If you are discovering it hard to make your bass work with dist pedals due to high output, some designs around featured depletion pads.

We have actually detailed one such version from Electro-Harmonix. That function can actually assist in such rare scenarios. Basically, as long as you keep the focus on the mids or trebles, you need to be fine. Loading a the low end of active pick-ups with distortion can produce a rather hectic audio. In other words, if you are packing great deals of warm, try to keep that gain in your mids. Keep in mind that this isn’t a rule yet rather an excellent beginning point.


Best Bass Distortion Pedals, as well as bass guitars, are not something numerous relate to one another. However, we have actually been seeing successful instances of this mix for years. Today, numerous metal bands are reliant on a good distorted bass tone. The versions we have actually revealed you above are conveniently several of the very best on the market. We have actually tried to blend in models from various rate arrays so that everybody might discover something that fits their spending plan. All you need to do is find the ideal model for your demands. One you do, you will include an entire brand-new dimension to your instrument. You can also find the best accessories for other instruments like the best marching snare sticks, .. visit our website if you are interested.