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The Best Dirt Bikes For Kids Of 2023 Reviews

Best Dirt Bikes For Kids 2022 (under $500)

Regardless of their age, it seems as though both kids and also girls are captivated at the suggestion and also freedom that comes from riding dirt bikes. Parents, nonetheless, could be unwilling to allow their child jump on such a powerful and also fast equipment.

Nonetheless, those worries frequently fall by the wayside as soon as their youngster is properly enlightened regarding exactly how to ride and be risk-free on their motorcycle. Prior to allowing your child get on a bike, as moms and dads, you might likewise want to comprehend the allure and also why many thrill-seeking youngsters are asking to try it out.

We have actually created a list of Best Dirt Bikes For Kids and also given their advantages and uses. Let’s explore and you will have the best choice!

Top 5 Best Motorcycle for Children Reviews

Now, prior to diving deeper, let’s look at this table listed below. It lists the key specs of tiny dirt bikes.

For your comfort, we organized the models from the slowest to the fastest by their max rate. We additionally clarified three of the specifications that may raise questions below the table. We strongly advise that you read it to learn more.

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket (Finest Electric Dirt Bike for Newbie Riders)

Razor MX350 — Best Dirt Bikes For Kids is a novice’s device to find out just how to ride a dirt bike while still being secure as well as having a good time. Essentially it is a scaled-down variation that is ideal for riders up to 150 lbs.

Razor is best understood for generating high quality electrical motorcycle for youngsters. A number of functions make The Razor MX350 such a special and high-quality item.


Razor MX350 is an electrical motorcycle powered by two 12V rechargable batteries (24V in total amount). It has a chain-driven motor that is quiet yet still has a lot of power.

And also by stating “peaceful”, I imply it only appears a bit louder than a regular bike when we checked it in a ball park.

Much easier control

Because it is designed for more youthful bikers, the Razor MX350 additionally has a twist grip throttle that is rather simple for cyclists of every ages to transform.

Not that fast

Razor MX350 is able to rise to 14 miles per hour, a rate that may not appear extremely fast, yet is swift sufficient for young bikers, giving them the flexibility as well as thrill that they are seeking while still being rather risk-free.

It’s true that you can locate slower “dirt bikes” powered by a 6V battery system. Yet these are much more like ride-on playthings for young children, as they speed up from 2– 5 miles per hour. I mean, come on, allow’s get a bit much faster to be a severe dirt bike cyclist below.

Good tires

This motorcycle is developed with big 12-inch tires, that make it risk-free as well as very easy to go off-roading. The bumpy and pneumatically-driven tires enable superb grip, and absorb some shock to enhance the convenience of the motorcyclist.

The wide and thick tires likewise makes it very easy for kdis to handle irregular surfaces such as yard, dirt routes, mud, pavement, as well as gravel.

Adjustable handlebar

To make it even much better for young, entry-level bikers, Razor MX350 has adjustable handlebar.

They can be decreased or elevated to fit the motorcyclist conveniently as well as have soft, non-slip rubber holds, so hands remain right in place.

Things that might trigger second thoughts

  • Razor MX350 has only one rear handbrake; yet this is not necessarily a “disadvantage”;.
  • The rate is not variable because the bike has no throttle inflection;.
  • The tires could be much more knobblier like SX500.
  • Much better to have a shock absorber. But the inflated tires help absorbed most shocks.

MX350 is delivered to your area in a box, 85% assembled. You require to install the front fender, the adjustable handlebar, as well as the number plate. Just follow this video right here if you have no clue regarding how to do it.

Razor SX500 Dust Rocket (Faster Electric Dirt Bike for Children)

Motocross superstar Jeremy McGrath — Best Dirt Bikes For Kids inspires the Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike.

This 98-lb Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 is considered to be among the best dirt bike on the marketplace. It includes a top notch frame and also a genuine McGrath autograph.

Your younger motorists can anticipate a scaled-down electrical motocross bike with an effective high torque electric motor.

The Razor SX500 is basically a more powerful upgrade from the entry-level MX350. Aside from having functions of MX350, such as adjustable handlebar as well as expensive fairing, numerous specifications of SX500 are somewhat enhanced.

Closed system

SX500 has a high-torque, variable rate motor powered by three 12V rechargable lead batteries (36V incorporated).

To secure young motorcyclists, the drive system is closed, implying that moms and dads do not have to bother with their children burning themselves.

There is likewise a low possibility that debris will wind up obtaining stuck in the electric motor.

Twin suspension

Well this is most definitely amazing. When testing Razor MX350, we found that it either does not have a suspension system or the suspension is as well tight to work properly (we didn’t damage the front fork to examine).

Razor SX500, on the other hand, comes with dual suspension, most likely since it moves quicker with larger battery pack and also requires far better shock absorption.

Knobbier tires than MX350

Razor SX500 has larger and also thicker knobs to get better ground hold at faster rate. This likewise means that SX500 tires are more wearable than MX350, and also can handle more tough surfaces.

Twin hand-operated disk brakes

Designers from Razor provide twin disk brakes to SX500 since, I guess, they thought 2 brakes work much better for a quicker model in order to make it quit appropriately.

Nevertheless, since the majority of us has experience of riding a routine, man-powered bike, I bet ya all have learned what would certainly occur when riders all of a sudden pressed the front brake bar at a high speed.

Yep– they could literally fly, which is dangerous! So, tell your kid, do not press it hard in an unexpected, and also try obtaining used to utilize the rear brake.

Things that may set off reservations

  • SX500 is about 30 lbs larger than MX350
  • The 90-day warranty is not a good teaser to some customers;.
  • Some records concerning battery not holding cost so well.

Starmax 40cc Gas Dirt Bike (Best for Very Early Experience)

OK, we obtained this one since 40cc — Best Dirt Bikes For Kids is the tiniest variation amongst all gas-powered mini motorcycle we have actually ever before known.

That’s why Starmax 40cc is an optimal option if you truly are getting serious regarding introducing your youngsters into the world of motocross.

This light-weight motorcycle is available in a portable structure, yet it service providers a 200 lbs adult in the test. Just that it relocates a little bit slower due to the significant lots.

Tiny 40cc engine

The very best part is absolutely the single-cylinder 4-stroke engine. It’s tiny sufficient to maintain the speed under 18 miles per hour, however it is likewise effective sufficient to lug you kids looking at different surfaces.

As discussed above, a 4-stroke engine makes less sound as well as enables gentler than a 2-stroke version. And, a great information to ecologists, you barely discover the exhaust smoke.

Likewise, the engine burns routine gas and no demand to mix it with oil. This truly conserves some task.

The red suspension springtime

You might not discover the red rear suspension springtime on the image above. Yet when you see the bike in person, or you go with this black as well as white model below, it actually attracts attention!

Not just a highlight of the style, the suspension springtime functions so great. You most likely bear in mind the feel when getting on a spring cushion? That’s what you’ll get when you ride on the Starmax 40cc.

Light-weight metal body

Starmax bikes should be developed by some useful minimal engeers. It resembles the entire bike is made by well fixing the seat, storage tank, engine, wheels as well as other parts to the steel framework.

The bike considers a bit greater than 50 pounds. However no concerns. The steel framework is thick and also sturdy. Like I stated above, it lugs adults without trouble.

Things that may activate reservations

  • Younger youngsters may require some assist with the pull start;.
  • Moms and dads may take some time to construct it;.
  • Some records about lightweight plastic fairings.

XtremepowerUS 49cc Gas Dirt Bike (A Great Transitional Option)

The bike — Best Dirt Bikes For Kids is created to be quick as well as secure without sacrificing any kind of control or safety. It includes huge tires that supply an excellent as well as steady grip, along with an exceptional suspension, so the biker can smoothly experience dips and hills both on and off the road.

The engine

Some might wonder what’s the big difference in between a 49cc as well as a 50cc engine. Well, I can tell you that 1cc suffices to minimize the max rate by as high as 10 mph.

While this 49cc engine drives the bike as much as 20 mph, a 50cc engine can make it to 30 miles per hour. So, you can obtain this one if you need to hold some rate for the sake of children safety and security.

A downside is that, it’s a 2-stroke engine, suggesting that it works louder and also really feels “aggressive” when the cyclist accelerates.

The dual suspension

XtremepowerUS 49cc is created with superior front hydraulic and back spring suspensions. These supply a smoother riding experience, which allows kids to discuss hillsides as well as dips efficiently.

Things that might set off second thoughts

Once more, a 2-stroke engine

Although it’s light-weight, some record that the frame splits in some cases.

SYX MOTO 50cc Holeshot Mini Dirt Bike (Best Entry-level Gas Powered Motorcycle)

Ultimately, below comes something that takes an action closer to specialist motocross.

Holeshot — Best Dirt Bikes For Kids is a true entry-level dirt bike as it has a typical 50cc engine. It is the lightest dirt bike on our listing. Allow’s see what beams on it.

Cost effectiveness

Yeah, that’s what we like the most. I suggest, can you obtain a scale-down, genuine gas dirt bike anywhere else at a rate no more than $300?

In addition to a couple of usual attributes shared by a lot of mini dirt bikes, such as sturdy metal frame, twin suspension, double hand-operated disk brakes, as well as flexible handlebar, users also obtain huge 15 in, pneumatically-driven bumpy tires (largest handle among rivals by the way), decent 50cc engine, as well as:.

Rate limiter

This component is remarkable. If you do not alter anything as well as drive the bike by its default setup, you can reach limit speed, i.e. 30 mph, which is a bit dangerous for children, rather speaking.

With a little change to the rate limiter on the right deal with bar, moms and dads can restrict limit rate right to 15 miles per hour. What a good design, isn’t it? Here is a video clip guide showing how to do this:.

Larger gas container

The storage tank holds 0.45 girl or 1.7 L of gas to support a 40-min thrilling drive at its max rate of 30 mph.

Things that might set off reservations

  • Noisy 2-stroke engine.
  • Rapid speed up to 30 miles per hour.

Tools You May Need for Setting Up

All the above mini motorcycle come with a tool bag, using you with needed tools such as Alen wrench and also screwdriver. Besides those, you also require a tire pump to inflate the tires.

Safety And Security Specifications as well as Tips

Although not all manufacturers suggest it, we suggest that moms and dads wait till their child is 6 years or older before getting them started on the above mini motorcycle.

We believe this mainly for safety factors. In order to ride a motorcycle safely, the motorcyclist has to be tall sufficient. While the riders height and weight are more important than their actual age, a typical winner for both is the age of 6.

We acknowledge that the bikes described over do not necessarily drive extremely quick. However, they are fantastic alternatives for young, beginner bikers. They do grab adequate rate to provide the biker with the feeling of liberty as well as an excitement.

Always remember: placed on security equipments and also play at an open field with slim website traffic. Since gas powered bikes have their driving system revealed, which gets hot after playing awhile, you should also consider leg protection against burning.

Tips for Maintenance of Gas Powered Dirt Bikes

  • Oil the chain before initial use.
  • When beginning the engine, try draw the string with also, constant force.


If you are taking into consideration buying a dirt bike for your kid, there are a variety of things that you truly do have to consider.

For moms and dads who are not a great handyman or DIYer, we suggest that you go with battery-powered models because they need minimum setting up and upkeep.

Otherwise, we believe gas-powered motorcycle are a more major selection to present your children to this of the world’s most challenging sporting activities.

We best regards really hope that this overview can help you with your choice making as well as your trip. If you still have concerns or problems, just leave me a remark below and also I will try to respond to with my ideal understanding.

Or, it is a good suggestion to reach out to those who operate in this area. Since it is such a popular and also extensive sport, probabilities are there will be a person in your location that can aid you locate the answers that you are trying to find.