April 4, 2020
Best Drones for GoPro

Best Drones for GoPro in 2020

Flying the friendly skies isn’t so friendly when the wind gusts are taking a drone for a ride into a tree, the public pond, or right down to the ground. There are, however, Best Drones for GoPro that have extras that can lesson the hazards of the great beyond

Homing controls, LED lights for night flights, and automatic return features all bring drones to the next level. In addition, gimbals (a mechanism for keeping cameras horizontal during flight) allow beginners and experts to take action shots with a GoPro or other sport camera.

Which drone is the best for you depends on if your focus is in the fun or in the footage.

MJX Bugs 3 Go Pro Compatible Drone


MJX Bugs 3 RC 3.5-pound Quadcopter is packaged with everything needed for a beginner to get started, including extra sets of propellers. The flight time is a decent 18 minutes, but with the two extra batteries that bumps up the flight time to 35 minutes. Four brushless motors make this drone steadier and stronger on a windy day.

The Ups and Downs

This drone is compatible with many cameras such as the Gopro. It also has LED lights for night flying and smart tech that alerts you when it’s getting out of range or low on power. Unfortunately, any camera inserted into the gimbal can’t be controlled from the ground, and the footage it takes can’t be streamed live.


Extra LiPo batteries

18 minutes of flying time

300-500 meter control distance

Four brushless motors for stability

Capable of full rotation flips

Alert alarms


Can’t control the camera via transmitter

Included charger may not charge properly

Alert beeps thirty seconds to low battery (pay attention!)

Survey Says?

If you are a beginner and need a one shop drone to learn the ropes, the Bugs 3 is a perfect starter kit. It takes off fast and can handle wind gusts better than other novice kits that have only an 8-minute flight duration.

It doesn’t have stabilizers for taking good shots so if you are looking for quality pictures for a professional shoot, this drone isn’t for you.

Traxxas Aton Plus With Go Pro Mount Action Camera Mount


Aton Plus Quadcopter by Traxxas boasts a stabilized camera mount and a top speed of 50 mph in sport mode. It’s tough with bright LED lights to enhance visual homing. A smartphone uplink allows for easy control of settings such as radius and maximum altitude.

The Ups and Downs

Agile and smart, the Aton Plus has extended flight time, a low learning curve for beginners, and is outfitted with features that are perfect for advanced flyers who want acrobatics and dramatic filming.


Three modes: film, sport, expert

Customizable lights

Fast battery charger

Air brakes

6-axis stability

Return home button


Can’t be used with GoPro WiFi

Mount doesn’t fit the GoPro session model

Reported issues of drone taking over itself due to signal interference

Survey Says?

This drone returns home with a single button press and automatically returns when the battery is low. Combined with air brakes to give you a chance to decide what to do next, the Aton quadcopter can handle to-the-minute filming.

If you are a professional photographer and need to talk to your camera, the Anton isn’t up to the task.

Holy Stone HS300 Drone

If you are looking for a drone for the highest quality professional filming, this little drone may have a bit too much vibration when in flight to take high caliber video depending on the camera used. To take advantage of the HS300, pair it with a quality camera.It’s ideal for budget buyers and videographers looking for a good drone to take exciting and interesting adventure shots.

Holy Stone’s HS300 Camera Drone Quadcopter takes it up a notch with its included wide-angle HD camera. Its stabilizers allow you to take clear shots and smooth video. The drone is equipped with automatic hover technology for still-photos or one-spot filming. It’s so stable, it hovers like a humming bird.

The Ups and Downs

The zippy and sleek HS300 features one button return, headless mode, emergency stop, and speed adjustment. It’s 120-degree wide-angle lens on the camera can capture shots that other drones (and cameras) can’t.


1080p camera and accessories included

Compatible with GoPro

Lightweight for easy travel

100-meter control range

Full rotation flip

One button home return and landing


10 15-minute flight time

Reported problems with included batteries

Not enough weight to stabilize in winds

Altair Aerial Blackhawk


The Blackhawk Long Range drone from Altair Aerial has a heavy-duty construction unlike other drones and a 300 to 500-meter range. Its mount is compatible with action cameras including the GoPro Hero 3 and 4. It is also one of the best drones under 300 suitable for video recording enthusiasts

The Ups and Downs

A 17-minute flight time at medium speed gives this drone staying power unlike others in its price range. It’s too bad it doesn’t include GPS functionality.


Easy to land; highly stable

Fast speed at full throttle

Quality customer service and YouTube tutorials

Sturdy with quality parts

Powerful, responsive handling


Mount is not universal

Not GPS capable

Flight control learning curve for beginners

Survey Says?

A great recreational drone for those who want a step up from a toy variety or are looking for a fun, tough drone to take out for a spin. It’s not suitable for children under fourteen as the controls take more experience and practice especially in the wind.

Best Go Pro or Action Cameras To Mount On Your Drone

Drone photography is only as good as the camera, so before making a final purchase decide which camera will work best for you, or if a camera you already own has the right features.

GoPro Hero6


The 1080p HERO6 and its app takes all footage and streams it to your phone for a live view, which allows for in-the-moment filing and easy editing. It has an advanced stabilization feature for in-hand or on compatible drones. For issues of water hazards when a drone decides to land in the pool, the HERO6 is Waterproof to 33 feet.

The Ups and Downs

The 5GHz WiFi means photos and videos can be exported fast, and the user-friendly touch zoom also makes on-camera editing simple.


Rechargeable battery

Advanced video stabilization

WiFi capable

Waterproof to 33 feet without a casing

Touch zoom and playback


Requires a 3.5mm pro adapter plug for an external microphone

1 hr 20 min run with GPS and 2 hours without

Not suitable for night footage

Survey Says

The HERO6 has that coveted run time and adapter plug, but low light conditions may give it some trouble. Still, it’s a sturdy camera worth considering, especially if it is important for you to have an external microphone.

GoPro Hero (2018)


Want hands-free voice control? The GoPro HERO (2018) can do that plus more with its WiFI and Bluetooth capabilities. It’s tough and waterproof to 33 feet, which lets you capture images underwater without a special casing. The app communicates connects your camera and phone to streamline video transfer and editing.

The Ups and Downs

The GoPro’s selling feature is its simple voice commands, but you an also direct the camera through remote communication which means that it’s perfect for using with drones that allow WiFi.


Voice control

Bluetooth and WiFi enabled

Advanced stabilization

1040/1080p video and 10mp photos

Two-inch touch screen

Time lapse and frame burst functionality


Takes Micro SD cards only

Suction cup mount not included

Not compatible with external microphones

Survey Says?

“Go Pro, take my money.” This little camera packs a big punch and is excellent for travel and can handle wide-angle shots. With the removeable battery feature, shooting life can be extended by bringing along extras.

It’s ideal for point and shoot or when you can’t bring a big camera with all its lenses.

The Payload

One camera does not fit all, but there’s a camera that can suit a broad range of needs. A 12mp waterproof budget camera might be just the thing for a trip to the island, but not the right pick for shooting a wedding. Hands down, however, the GoPro HERO (2018) has the price and the functionality that makes it a good all-around, wallet-friendly camera.

Drones aren’t all compatible with all GoPro or action camera models. If your main concern is great shots, smooth video, and video editing then chose a camera before selecting a drone. Go for the models that have WiFi, HDMI, external microphone function, and remote access.

It’s not always about the megapixels. Because stability is a function of both the camera and the drone, seek out stability features. The best option is to contact the manufacturer and ask if your camera model will fit their mount or if another accessory can remedy the issue.

Do you want to just take a drone out for a spin and get some funny shots for Facebook and share some video? Are you a beginner just wanting to practice and get some footage at the same time? Choose a drone first. Holy Stone HS300 comes with its own suitable camera. However, Altair’s Aerial Blackhawk packs more punch in the durability, speed, and excitement department. Novices who aren’t as interested in taking pictures might find the MJX Bugs 3easier to control. It comes with several replacement parts, too.

Best Drones for GoPro has a lot, but to suit the purpose and needs of use, not every drone can do it. See and review more details at coolcowcomedy